Gariz XS-CHXP2BK Black Leather Camera Half Case for Fujifilm Fuji X-Pro2

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Gariz XS-CHXP2BK Black Leather Camera Half Case for Fujifilm Fuji X-Pro2

  • Made from high quality genuine leather
  • Unique "Locking time" attachment system
  • Separate tripod mount
  • Soft inner lining printed with Gariz logo
  • Supplied in soft carrying bag and presentation box
  • Allows full access to all the Fujifilm X Pro 2's functions

Made from high-quality, genuine leather

The Gariz half case is a gorgeous case which is crafted from the finest quality leather to add a touch of class and sophistication to your Fujifilm X Pro 2's camera. The genuine leather features a textured pattern running across it which gives it added detail and a more timeless and sophisticated look and feel. The case is designed to wrap around the body of the camera and provides a snug fit which helps to add brilliant protection from knocks and scratches, safeguarding the camera's body wherever you take it.

Features Gariz's signature "Locking time" attachment system

To make sure that the case remains attached to the camera at all times, the case features Gariz's signature 'Locking Time' attachment system on the base. This system consists of a locking screw and bracket and allows you to, once the camera is in place, simply twist the locking screw and it'll screw into the tripod mount on the base of your camera and securely hold it in place. This ensures that the camera won't come loose from the case or fall apart from it which could leave your camera exposed to potential damage - such as dirt, scratches and impact damage.

Separate tripod mount

As the cameras tripod mount is occupied by the 'Locking TIme' attachment system, Gariz have included a second screw bracket on the metal base. This bracket is designed to let you secure a tripod into the case which then allows you to snap perfect, blur-free photo's whilst the camera is fully protected inside the Gariz half case. The bracket is designed to work perfectly with all standard tripods and, when it's not in use, it acts as a speaker vent so you can hear all of your recorded videos loud and clearly.

Soft interior lining embossed with the Gariz logo

Inside of the case there is a soft, microfibre lining which is designed so that it gently lifts dirt and debris away from the body of the camera. This prevents dirt from getting trapped between camera and case and stops the trapped particles from being able to rub across the camera body and cause smudges or worse - scratches. This helps to maintain the gorgeous looks of your camera and keeps it looking newer for longer.

Supplier in a soft carrying bag and presentation box

Gariz are renowned for their high-quality cases and the amount of time and dedication they put into every case they make. To help add to the quality and sophistication of the case you receive, each half case comes supplied in it's own carrying bag and presentation box which ensures that no damage will come to the case and also makes it the ideal gift for friends or loved ones.

Allows full access to all the Fujifilm X Pro 2's functions

The half case is designed so that it wraps around the body of your camera and helps to provide a perfect fit which increases the level of protection it offers. This helps to safeguard the camera against dirt, scratches and minor impacts whilst still giving you full and unhindered access to all of the camera's ports and dials without having to remove the case prior to use.

The case also features unique cut outs located around it, including on the metal base, which allow you to access the battery, memory card and USB ports on the camera - removing the need for you to remove the case.